Set & Neighborhood.Gotta love the mounted bike on top of the store. 


Problem with Props. Choosing the right props has been a fairly difficult thing to do. How “sci-fi” do we want it to be? How near the present should things look…

I think we’ve settled on something that’s recognizable (maybe almost vintage) that our character/protagonist might wear. For now, the super-chic rainbow-coated hi-performance snow-boarding Oakley is out of the race.

Or a Geek’s Fantasy? A friend just brought my attention to this little video. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. Still,  “Japanese company Suidobashi has announced plans to build custom, actual, operational mechs. Named the “KURATAS”, the vehicles will come at a standard price of USD $1.3 million, with additional accessories like shields and weapons available for around $50-80,000 each. You even get to choose the paint scheme.” Apparently it’s even iPhone compatible.

My favorite feature, however, is the smile-controlled firing of BB bullets. [Article]

They Live!! More discussion on props & one one new iteration of the script. We are really honing sequences down to the tiniest detail.

More discussion on the augmented glasses: Nancy brought some examples in; Nicolas mentioned John Carpenter’s “They Live” as a possible source of inspiration. Homework #1: Check out “They Live”. [Screen shot]