Crunch Time. Those of us who can make it have been meeting three times a week, instead of the usual two. The pattern would probably continue til the end of the project.

Officially we got three more weeks to finish the project. So everyone is working really hard on their particular piece of the project. Katie has been doing a really amazing job on laying out the text, doing the illustration & setting up a grid for the book. I’ve only seen rough drafts, but am really looking forward to the book when it reaches a more refined stage.

[Same with the film we are doing to showcase our observations from the project, more of which later.]

Other than doing the blog, I’ve been honing the introduction Nicolas wrote for the book, as well as various bits of text/description/glossary. Nicolas and I are also putting together a series of gestures for an architecture magazine RITUALS has been invited to participate. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.


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